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Andrew Chasin
Los Gatos, California, USA

Distinguished Engineer with a proven ability to lead and motivate development teams to deliver great software.  Extensive experience building scalable server-side software and web-based user interfaces, with an emphasis on ease of use and an outstanding end-to-end user experience.

Programming/Scripting Languages
Java/J2EE,, Javascript, HTML, JSON, CSS3, SASS, XML, C/C++

Web Application Frameworks
Express for NodeJS, Backbone, Marionette, Django, Ruby on Rails, Struts

Web UI Toolkits
jQuery, ReactJS, Dojo, Foundation, Bootstrap

Web Application Servers
NodeJS, Nginx, Apache, Jetty, Tomcat

Text Search/Indexing Frameworks
Lucene/Solr, Whoosh

MySQL, DB2, Derby, MongoDB

Operating System
Mac OS/X, Linux, Windows

Source Code Control Systems
git, Perforce, Subversion

“System and method for efficient replication and distribution of data objects”
U.S. Patent #7,313,137

“Integrated security system having rule optimization”
U.S. Patent #EP3166279A1

“Morpheus Out of the Underworld
O’Reilly’s Conference, July 2001

“Predication, Speculation, and Modern CPUs
Dr. Dobb’s Journal, May 2000

“An Efficient Link-Time Heuristic for Reducing Split Branches on the IA-64 Architecture”
IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin

“Unique Resolution of References Among Interdependent Shared Libraries”
IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin

“A Common Load Module Interface for Retargettable Linkers”
IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin

Employment History

January 2012-present
Employed by Juniper Networks as a Distinguished Engineer leading the design and development of Juniper’s next generation network management UI framework.

Responsible for the conception, architecture and evangelism of Juniper’s next generation user interface framework on which all of Juniper’s network management applications are being built.   Developed most of the core framework components.

Responsible for staffing a team of highly skilled user interface and back-end engineers across multiple geographies. 

Provided ongoing technical leadership and mentorship to the engineering team consisting of 25+ engineers.

Primary technical interface to Juniper’s User Experience team, providing design feedback, feasibility assessment and subject matter expertise.

March 2010-January 2012
Employed by Cisco Systems as a Senior Technical Lead of Cisco’s Network Security Management platform.

Responsible for the design and architecture of Cisco’s Network Security Management Platform and web-based User Interface.  Actively participating in hands-on implementation.

  • Provided technical leadership to a team of 20+ development and QA engineers.
  • Primary technical interface to User Experience design vendor, responsible for final UI design decisions.
  • Acted as the primary interface to product marketing to define technical release
    content and the overall product roadmap.

June 2006-March 2010
Employed by IBM Corporation as a Senior Software Engineer in the Search Technology Area

Designed and developed significant portions of the IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition product, a scalable, highly consumable search product designed for the SMB market.

  • Implemented significant server-side search infrastructure utilizing the Apache Lucene library.
  • Designed and implemented the client-side web UI using the Struts/Tiles framework, all HTML, CSS, and Javascript code.
  • Led the team responsible for implementing the web-based admin UI, and worked with IBM’s User Centered Design team on design requirements and user testing initiatives. 
  • Designed and implemented significant portions of the web-based admin UI utilizing the Dojo Javascript/AJAX framework.
  • Implemented the server-side interface to the Jetty embedded HTTP server.
  • Responsible for the consumability, usability and accessibility of the admin and search UIs.
  • Acted as the liaison to the Yahoo! development team to ensure consistency with the Yahoo! search UI, and satisfaction of all co-branding requirements

October 2001-June 2006
Employed by IBM Corporation working in the IBM DB2 Content Manager product area

  • Led a team in the design and development of an ODMA client for IBM Content Manager
  • Led the design and implementation of an ‘Express’ version of Content Manager’s data storage component that targeted the SMB market.
  • Designed and developed new infrastructure to improve performance of Content Manager’s data replication function.
  • Led the internal re-architecture of the storage component of Content Manager to improve serviceability and maintainability.

May 2000-September 2001
Employed by Clip2, Inc., A peer-to-peer software research and development company, as a Senior Software Engineer.

  • Led the design and development of the Clip2 Reflector, an indexing proxy server for the Gnutella file-sharing network
  • Designed and developed the Java Swing-based GUI components that comprised the Reflector user interface.
  • Designed and developed a Java-based network crawler/monitor used to study the topology of, and monitor activity on,  the public Gnutella file-sharing network.  
  • Responsible for technical review of all Clip2 publications at O’Reilly’s OpenP2P.

October 1997-May 2000
Employed by IBM Corporation, working on the Intel IA-64 compiler team responsible for producing a highly optimizing compiler targeting Intel’s 64-bit Merced processor.

  • Designed and implemented compiler features to exploit the features of Intel’s Merced processor  (predication, speculation, etc.)

October 1996-October 1997:
Employed by IBM Canada, working on the IBM VisualAge C/C++ Incremental Linker Team

  • Designed and implemented an incremental object code linker for IBM’s integrated C/C++  development environment.            

September 1993-October 1996:
Employed by IBM Canada, working on the IBM VisualAge C/C++ Linker Development team.

  • Designed and implemented significant modifications to linker internals in order to satisfy customer requirements for improved link-time performance.
  • Designed and implemented an ELF linker targeting OS/2 on the PowerPC.
  • Rewrote IBM’s OS/2 VisualAge linker to target the Windows NT platform.

June 1991-September 1993:
Employed by IBM Canada, working on the IBM C/400 Compiler back end team

  • Designed and implemented low-level translation of intermediate code to AS/400 machine code
  • Significant design contributions to the platform’s debug data format and APIs.
  • Author and technical owner of the AS/400 intermediate compiler representation architecture specification.

November 1989-June 1991: 
Employed by IBM Canada, in the compiler development area

  • Designed and implemented automated tests to validate functionality of the compiler and its adherence to compiler standards.
  • Technical ownership of the C/400 Compiler user documentation.

University Education

November 1989
Graduated with honors from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc degree in Computer Science and Physics.